CutLog versions

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  • improved
  • fixed
  • deleted


on 26 November 2006
  • FlexiCut/MultiCut: preserve entered values
  • Pattern Cut: when there is no shrinkage allowance - counts with no allowance
  • uninstall: non english installation doesn't remove Start menu entries correctly


on 05 November 2006
  • improved backup/restore functionality for FlexiCut (registered users only)
  • PatternCut - repaired error, when there is too big difference between
    small and big diameter


on 05 November 2006
  • FlexiCut/MultiCut: yield of side/middle boards in percent is shown
  • FlexiCut/MultiCut: show hatch or year rings into timber drawing
  • FlexiCut/MultiCut: enhanced algorithm effectivity


on 01 October 2006
  • MultiCut optimization
  • Added list of all world currencies (ISO 4217)
  • French and Dutch translation
  • On the fly language switching
  • Drawings patterns on transparent backgroud
  • FlexiCut print function repaired


on 18 July 2006
  • bad interpretation of license key