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on 22 February 2018
  • In addition for Client/Server version of CutLog we have added control, that all clients has to be the same version now. Also backed-up database from one version cannot be restored to older version of CutLog. please remind this

  • In relation to previous change related to false heartwood counting, We have improved FlexiCut2 a little.
    now you can see also area of heartwood in particular board.


on 23 November 2017

FlexiCut2 - define colors for more visible heartwood area


on 20 November 2017

Possible to redefine colors in patterns


on 08 October 2017

New feature allows to define coreboards more precisely for FlexiCut2 optimization


on 01 September 2017

In addition to internal improvements we have added new feature to FlexiCut2 optimization. Now you can limit maximum length of produced timber independently on length of sawlog. So if sawlog has length 4m you can limit maximum lendth of timber to 3m. The rest will be added to chips.