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20. 04. 08

Changes in CuLog version 6.00

many changes, please red details...

  • CutLog completely rewritten and redesigned to the DevExpress components

  • CutLog - skins support (12 optional skins)

skins settings

CutLog skins

  • CutLog - possibility to run optimization screens as maximized windows or normal windows. It can be changed in settings

CutLog in full screen

  • Main menu - icons for CutLog social network pages (FB,Twitter,Instagram)

  • CircularCut - support waney edged boards

  • Batch processing/precalculation - add file selection dialog

  • CutLog - localisation engine rewritten for faster screen starting

  • changed 3Dpie to Pie chart in all optimization screens

CutLog - CircularCut

  • Increased speed of starting FlexiCut2 screen

  • In settings changed section FlexiCut2 to 'Units of measurement'

  • CutLog - many small design changes, optimizations and improvement

  • *Removed OBSOLETE 3D view from CutLog all optimization functions*