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CutLog v6.25

new release CutLog v6.25 changes

We have again improved our CutLog software in more ways.

  1. All optimizations - copy pattern to clipboard or save it to disk as image
  2. REMOVE OPTIMIZATIONS MultiCut and RadialCut
  3. Fix showing tree rings
  4. Core component upgrade

Copy pattern to clipboard or save it to disk 

In many situations you need just insert pattern somewhere... Either if you need just compare it with another one or you prepare some proposal for customer. 

Now you can do it very quickly by three ways:

  1. just press CTRL+SHIFT+C in optimization form to copy pattern image to clipboard
  2. copy or save pattern by right click  directly in pattern (resulted image)
  3. copy pattern from optimizations menu under Results menu (in next version we add also save possibility)

It is great way to copy pattern into Word or mail, if you need to send it to someone or for storing it.

This feature using patter image in exact way as you see it on screen

CutLog v6.26
CutLog v6.24

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Sunday, 27 November 2022

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