CutLog v6.20

We have again improved our CutLog software in more ways.

  1. FlexiCut2 - new dimensioning "From edge (no kerf on side boards"
  2. Export to XLSX fix in all optimization functions
  3. core components upgraded
  4. product-window - better handle duplicity of size
  5. checking for new version on start
  6. Very important internal optimizations leads to optimizations in future versions
  7. other internal optimizations and fixes

All these changes tends to bring you better user experience. More satisfaction and less time spend on preparing production.

FlexiCut2 - new dimensioning

 Base on customer request we have added new type of dimensioning into FlexiCut2. It is basically the same as "From edge" type. Only difference is, that from distance of first board is substracted kerf (either from first, or from second pass). It is more clear from further image

Dimension for first pass (substracted first pass kerf)
Dimension for second pass (substracted second pass kerf)