CutLog v6.04 release 

Today we have just released new version of CutLog - v6.04,

There are several new features and improvements:

  • Reporting from main optimization functions has been redesigned
  • main core components has been updated
  • some internal optimizations and fixes


In main optimization functions:

  1. FlexiCut2
  2. CircularCut
  3. Quarter sawn
  4. Radial cut

We have redesigned reporting. By using new reporting engine you get more possibilities to print/export sawing patterns. you can export it into vvarious formats, like PDF,XLSX,DOCX, images... for more information see the following blog entry


New reporting - Blog

From version 6.04 we improve reporting features in CutLog. New reporting will be launched automatically from 'print menu' for selected optimization. Report is redesigned and in addition to print it, you can also export report in many different f

New version can be downloaded for free or updated on the following link: